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Problem with your vehicle? Get down to Arnold Service Centre today

At Arnold Service Centre we pride ourselves on the high standard of our service and repair work. Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified with experience working with most vehicles. We take investment in equipment seriously meaning that all our technicians have proper, high quality tools for the job.

We strive to have your vehicle running and performing at its absolute best before it leaves our workshop. Our primary aim is complete customer satisfaction for our garage services in Nottingham.

The Arnold Service Centre Guarantee:

  • All the work is warrantied for 1 year since the date of repair
  • We always discuss the price prior to repair work being conducted
  • We keep the parts changed for our inspection when you pick the car
  • No extra work will be carried out without your consent
  • You are always in control of the cost of the repairs
  • Always use quality parts

We can carry out a multitude of repair work including:

Brakes: This includes repair work to the brake discs, brake pads, hydraulics, hoses, calipers, cylinders and all the mechanical workings of your vehicle's braking system.

Exhausts: Covering repair work and replacements for the catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and flexi pipe repairs.

Timing Belts: Capable of cause serious and expensive damage to the engine, it is vital that your cambelt is replaced at the recommended intervals specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

Clutch: from replacements, to rebuilds and refurbishments. As with other repair jobs, all work is guaranteed for a year from the date of repair and we use only high quality parts and components.

Diagnostics: A diagnostic plugin will take readings from your vehicles ECU (Engine Control Unit) which can be used to interpret faults that may have appeared on your dashboard. A diagnostic plugin can reveal issues that may be negatively impacting your vehicle's performance, fuel efficiency and provide answers to the cause of dashboard warning lights

Steering and Suspension: A common cause of uneven tyre wear is poorly maintained or damaged suspension. Repair work includes repairs to: ball joints, wishbones, track control arms, road springs, shock absorbers, suspension bushes, steering racks and the hydraulic components.

To discuss any repair work you may need, call us on 0115 966 6189 or complete our contact form.

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