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Oil Service

It's very important that your car has a regular oil service.

Oil is the lubricant in your engine which prevents friction and protects the mechanical components. Over time engine oil gradually loses this ability to lubricate effectively and low, thin or old oil causes the internal components to wear much faster.

Your vehicle's engine requires the correct grade of oil in order to lubricate and protect the internal parts. The grade of oil for your vehicle is determined by the vehicle manufacturer based on many factors, like size and operating temperature range of the engine. At Arnold Service Centre we can advise you on the best oil and care for your engine and we stock most oils.

This is what you get as part of the Oil Service:

1.  Check vehicle history
2.  Check timing belt replacement
3.  Check operation of interior and exterior lights
4.  Check for damage to bodywork, lamps, trims and oil level
5.  Fit protective covers
6.  Check windscreen washers and wipers
7.  Check horn
8.  Change oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer
9.  Refill engine with specified grade
10.  Ensure all upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel, etc. are clean
11.  Stamp service book