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Interim Service

This 30-point service is recommended every 6 months for high-mileage drivers. The difference between our interim and full service options is that the Interim Service focusses on points that need more regular servicing. An interim car service includes a range of checks on essential components to prevent faults and help maintain your car in good condition.

See our service checklist for the full list of checks.


1.   Check vehicle history.
2.   Check timing belt replacement interval
3.   Check for damage to bodywork, lamps, trims and oil level
4.   Fit protective covers
5.   Check operation of interior and exterior lights
6.   Check operation of ABS and air bag warning lights
7.   Check air conditioning operation
8.   Check windscreen washers and wipers
9.   Check horn
10. Apply treatments to remove internal contamination


11.  Check cooling system including fan operation
12.  Check and record anti- freeze protection
13.  Check and record brake fluid condition
14.  Check power steering operation and fluid condition
15.  Check all auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt)
16.  Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels


17.  Change oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer
18.  Check fuel lines and brake pipes
19.  Check the condition and security of the exhaust
20.  Check all the steering and suspension joints, mounting and gaiters
21.  Carry out tyre report
22.  Check all the wheel bearings for excessive play and noise (adjust)
23.  Check CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits
24.  Check operation and condition of front brakes
25.  Carry out brake report


26.  Refill engine with specified grade oil
27.  Torque wheel nuts/studs
28.  Road test vehicle and report any findings


29.  Recheck engine oil level
30.  Ensure that all upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel, etc. are clean
31.  Stamp service book